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About Us

Country Fountain Spring Water was established as a family owned and operated business in 1994, and our most valuable asset is a natural resource, natural high alkaline spring water. Our water comes out of the ground under natural pressure, and is separated from all surface water and contaminants by an impermeable layer of rock or clay.

This clear, pristine water comes from our own 180-foot protected well in the heart of Mount Lehman, British Columbia. Country Fountain Spring Water is a small family owned & operated business. We offer outstanding products and quality personalized service!

Natural High Alkaline Spring Water

Our natural spring water differs greatly from many offered by water companies and bottling outlets, which obtain their water from municipal sources, wells or glacial run-off. In fact, many essential ingredients have been removed from much of the bottled water on today’s market, including minerals beneficial to our health.  What makes our water superior is it’s high pH content at 8.2, in addition to all the natural minerals which are kept intact.  And the best part is, nothing needs to be added to make it better!

Business Hours: Wednesday to Saturday: 8am - 5:30pm. Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and holidays.